This is software for Attenuation Tomography of the outer layer of the Earth's inner core using Spherical Voronoi cells in a shell to perform Trans-D tomography. It was used in a study by Pejić et al. (2019) for Bayesian tomography of the upper 400 km of the inner core using 398 T* measurements. As with Cartesian Trans-D tomohraphy it produces an ensemble of Earth models which can be used to estimate spatially local mean and median models as well as credible intervals as a measure of uncertainty. While it was developed specifically for an attenuation problem the underlying code structure is equally applicable to any form of tomographic reconstruction in a spherical shell where the observation is a line integral over a known (seismic) raypath.

The software is made available for academic interest under a GPL 3.0 open source license.

Instructions are available with the instructions.tex file.


A zip file is available for download. Alternatively, get it from github.


Pejić, T., Hawkins, R., Sambridge, M., and Tkalčić, H., 2018. Trans-dimensional Bayesian attenuation tomography of the upper inner core, J. Geophys. Res., 09 February 2019, doi: 10.1029/2018JB016400.