Conditions of Use

The inversion laboratory is an initiative of a small group of academic scientists. We need to account for the resources it uses by demonstrating impact through acknowledgements and statistics on registrations and downloads. We ask that users follow our download policy.

Ilab acknowledgement policy

In addition to any specific acknowledgement request stated in the individual code package or manual we ask that all users of software downloaded from this site acknowledge ilab in any presentation or publication that arises out of that use.

For oral or poster presentations we ask that you indicate somewhere in your presentation that 'This study makes use of software supplied by the Inversion Laboratory which may be obtained from' or words to that effect.

For publications we ask that you include a specific acknowledgement to ilab and its funder AuScope. A possible form this may take:

`This study makes use of the computer package XXX which was made available with support from the Inversion Laboratory (ilab). Ilab is a program for construction and distribution of data inference software in the geosciences supported by AuScope Ltd, a non profit organization for Earth Science infrastructure funded by the Australian Federal Government.'

Passing the code on

We ask that you do not pass on any software or library downloaded from ilab to a third party other than those working with you directly. All third parties should register on the ilab site and download the latest version of the codes themselves. The more downloads and registered users the better for our impact measures.

If you have any queries or feedback please contact us at

Contributing to ilab

If you wish to contribute to ilab by either providing a source of funds for continued development of the site and codes, or you have a data inference code yourself to contribute please contact email address.