NN-QUICK Summary

nn_quick is an X-interface for the natural neighbour subroutines written by Malcolm Sambridge and Jean Braun of the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australian National University from May 1994 to Oct. 1995.


nn_quick is written in Fortran77 and pre-ANSI C and should run on most computers. It was last tested with gfortran, gcc and gmake under linux and mac. The complete source code, a README and example input files, can be downloaded here. Enquires should be directed to the author Malcolm Sambridge. You will need to register with iEarth prior to download.

To unpack the contents of this file, type something like:

gunzip -c | tar xvof -

in an empty directory. A number of new sub-directories will be created. Instructions on how to use the code can be found in the README.