Tomoeye is a set of programs for tomographic model visualization written in MatLab 6.1 script. It can be used not only for tomographic studies but also for visualizing the distribution of any three-dimensional fields in the Earth. MatLab was selected for this package due to easy portability and migration from platform to platform, and from one operational system to another. However, MatLab is very slow on old computers and it would be impossible to run some programs with 3D features if you do not have a good (modern) graphics card. Please note that Tomoeye is not commercial software, so do not expect sensible reactions to inappropriate behavior. Do not try to kill frames using upper-right-corner buttons on the window; instead use the Hide/Show button in the program panel or functions from program Menus. Be sure that all data files and color palettes are loaded before any manipulations. Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy it.

Figure 1.


The code can be downloaded here. You will need to register with iEarth prior to download.